Security Guard Training Academy in Houston, TX

City Security Academy has provided a Security Officer training system for Houston Security Officers.  Our training consists of 8 hours of lecture and testing including the state exam.  We recognize the importance of providing the best training program available to help your company and Security Officers succeed.

 It’s no mystery that well-trained officers help both clients and City Security Services succeed and increase employee satisfaction which provides our customers with safer outcomes. We look forward to providing you with the proper education to help promote your career as a Security Officer.

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Certified Security Officer training

CSS advanced security training in houston

City Security Academy has been providing a Security Officer training system for Houston Security Officers. It’s no mystery that a well-trained employee helps your company be more competitive for new business, increases hourly rates for the security officer, and boosts employee satisfaction which gives you longevity in your employment.  Our training programs typically exceeds most state requirements. 

We look forward to partnering with you to help better train and educate your career as a Security Officer.  Please bring your lunch to class.  We will most likely work through lunch to get you back home faster.

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Css Advanced Security Guard Training Program

CSS Advanced Security Guard Training program is an 8 hour course from 8am – 5pm every Thursday.  Your curriculum is outlined in 22 security subject matters of security.  Upon completing the level II state exam, you will be issued a security certificate.  The total course is $75.00.

Your Interview with City Security Services: The classroom is your interview if you would like to be considered for employment at City Security Services.  To succeed you must invest in yourselfStarts every Thursday from 8am – 5pm.  (2600 North Loop West) 12 seats limit per session.


Active Shooter

Access Control 

Traffic Control

Gated Communities

Interviewing Victims and Witnesses 

Introduction to Security


Sexual Harassment

Uniform and Equipment

Law of Arrest

Public Relations

Terrorism Patrol

First Aid

Crisis Response

Security Officer Safety

Pepper Spray

Resolving Conflicts

Mobile Patrol

Fire Watch

Protecting a Crime Scene

Report Writing

Firearms Safety

Level 2 Guard Vs. Level 3 Guard

A security guard or security officer is responsible for monitoring a specific area or building to prevent violent incidents, theft, or other events that may endanger people or property. To get a security certificate in Texas, a person must undergo a security guard training course. There are a number of types of licenses or “levels” to obtain that determine the kind of security work you are able to do.

In Houston, TX, a level 2 non-commissioned security license allows for a Houston Texas security guard to provide unarmed security services. In contrast, for an armed security guard license, a level 3 certificate is required.

what makes a good security officer?

Whether you are looking to obtain an armed level 3 security license or unarmed level 2 security guard license, we have you covered. All of our training is delivered by world-class instructors and in accordance with state regulations. Besides our training, there are other skills and attributes that can make you a good security professional. They include:


In Houston, Texas, officers must undergo a thorough background check. Honesty is one of the key attributes that people want to find in a guard. This will be the person in charge of watching the access of a building, protecting a business from theft, and taking care of people. If they are level 3 certified, they will be entitled to carry a weapon; honesty is a verifiable requirement.


A good guard is the one that is always alert and focused. They need to be aware of their surroundings and know the facilities very well. This will help them detect any potentially dangerous situations.

Physical Fitness

Good physical health contributes to better mental alertness. Due to the nature of the job, a guard must be in good shape, have a healthy weight, and exercise regularly. They should be able to react quickly to unpredicted events, handle stressful situations, and make the right decisions when under pressure.

Communication Skills

A guard will be in contact with clients, residents, customers, i.e., the people they protect. For this reason, it is very important they present a courteous and friendly attitude towards clients and the general public. Good communication skills can be particularly useful when facing a challenging situation. Written communication skills are also important; often, roles require regular reporting, especially documenting when you needed to take action.

These are the attributes that we look for in our applicants and that we encourage during our security guard training program at our academy in Houston, Texas. For more information, give us a call today.

City security academy – certifed classes

City Security Academy based in Houston, TX, provides quality level 2 security training.  Not only does our training prepare you for the role, but it also puts you at the front of the queue for security jobs because our training is recognized as some of the best in the industry.

 We offer certification training for level 2 for non-commissioned security officers. This trains you to be able to handle the day-to-day roles of being a security officer, while preparing you to be able to stay calm and react safely and professionally when the unexpected happens. A level 2 Houston Texas security guard, who trains with us, is well prepared and recognized by clients throughout Houston as a great candidate, putting you right at the top of the job market.

For level 3 commissioned training, we work with our partnered agency who is recognized as one of the state’s best training programs. Level 3 graduates have had practical training in managing hostile situations and time on the gun range to ensure they are competent with a weapon and the role it plays in security.

Level 3 allows you to be armed but not concealed. The training for the level 4 program is more intense and covers more time on the range handling a weapon in a variety of situations, as well as looking at close quarter protection. Our training is intentionally demanding because our graduates are recognized as some of the best in the industry.

getting started

If you are serious about training to become a security professional, you’ve come to the right place. We have the best instructors in the state and a reputation for graduating only the best guards. Give your career a headstart by becoming certified with City Security Services. Check out our security training class dates now or call us for more information.

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