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City Security Services, LLC

Polite, Respectful, Professional Security Officers

Security Officers are affordable and available on short notice at City Security Services.  Our armed and unarmed security officers are highly trained, respectful individuals that understand how to handle every situation uniquely.  If you are encountering unusual criminal activity or just needing to improve security measures ensuring the safety of your residents, employees or clients, we’re ready to help.

Who We Are

City Security Services is a state-licensed security guard service in Houston, TX committed to protecting both our clients and their interests. With over 30 years of combined experience in security and law enforcement, our management understands that a tactical approach is the best way to ensure our clients’ safety.

City Security Services is a active member within our community. All of our security guard details come both armed and unarmed, depending on your needs. 

City Security Services aims to create long-term, life-long partnerships with our clients through consistent professionalism, flexibility, and affordable pricing to match the client’s budget. All of our security guards are licensed and highly trained, and are ready to protect you and your interests.

We are looking to provide peace of mind so that you can carry out your day-to-day activities. Start creating that sense of security and safety, and give us a call at City Security Services today.

We pride ourselves on quality service that will stand the test of time and encourage our prospective clients to call upon our expertise, professionalism, and our state of the art equipment, vehicles and communications for all members and levels of our organization.

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