parking lot security 

Security doesn’t start once you enter the premises of your business. There are various cases where parking lots have been the hotbed of criminal activity. These criminal activities include theft, assault and vandalism. A recent study has shown that  1 in 10 property crimes occur in parking lots, parking garages or other parking structures. This requires adequate parking lot security measures, which ensures that such instances do not happen! The above statistic should be alarming for those who own or operate on any parking facility.


Parking Garage Security Guards

Suppose you have any commercial building, residential community, shopping center, or other property that has parking areas. In that case, you do understand that the need for secure parking garage security is necessary for your customers and employees. You wouldn’t want your business to be a liability for the people. Now you can protect your business effectively by hiring professional parking lot security guards from City Security services.

 For over [number] years, we have provided top-notch parking garage security solutions to our customers. Our security personnel are retired law enforcement and military personnel to meet the needs of businesses in multiple areas. All of our guards are highly trained and meet the necessary expertise to meet your unique needs. Whether you need an unarmed or armed guard for temporary or permanent contracts, we have every security solution for you.


Your Parking Lot is your Greatest Vulnerability

Parking lots are susceptible to all sorts of crime and vandalism. It is not uncommon to hear stories that employees are robbed whenever they leave the office late at night. You would also listen to stories where vehicles are being broken into while the residents in a community have a sound sleep.

When people are on your property, the need for them to feel safe is necessary. Not only would it be a good reputation for your business but it would make sure that your business premises are safe and sound. This can now be achieved by hiring the best parking lot security guards for your property.

Benefits of hiring us as your Parking Garage Security Solution

  • Provide safe passage for employees and customers: The mere presence of a parking lot security guard will provide your employees, customers, and guests with a sense of security and safety.
  • Keep thieves and other criminals away: Thieves and criminals are less likely to pick a target where an efficient security guard personnel is present. Not only does this show that you take your security concerns safely, but it makes it much harder for criminals to cause any threat to your employees, customers, and guests.
  • Ensure that all rules and regulations are as follows: Every business has a set of regulations that ensures that proper law and order are followed to run the business smoothly. Our dedicated security guards are there to enforce such rules when the business owners cannot.

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Need Parking lot Security Guards?

Open parking lots are a threat to people and pose a frequent place to get away with such crimes. Some of the most common crimes which happen in a parking lot are as follows:


  • Illegal dumping of trash, furniture, or other property
  • Vandalism
  • Trespassing
  • Loitering
  • Vehicle break-ins and theft
  • Muggings and robberies 
  • Physical assaults 
  • Carjacking
  • Abductions 

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